Thursday, 6 June 2019

Geared Time--Mix Media Clock

 Hello Buddies, this time I have come up with a very unique, classic and vintage and Steampunk style Wall clock with lots of beautiful hangings.I m sure you are going to love this. 

I have made a video tutorial for this....please contact for class details...

Materials used

Chalk paints:
1.Soft sun
2.Bloomed sun
3.Breezy blue
4.Tanned tone

Metallic paint:
1.Vintage golden

1.White gesso

Wooden chippies
1. Steampunk gears 
2. feathers
4. steampunk key
5. Dream catcher 
6. Butterflies
7. Numbers

Metal Charms:
1. keys
2. coins 
3. gears
4. metal chain 
5. Jump rings
6. brads

1. Mdf steampunk style base
2. Acrylic front cover
3. Clock machine 

Glue :
1. Decoupage Glue
2. Hot glue Gun
3.Glossy accent

Royal Lady Treasure Box

Hi all crafty lovers, I am Anika. I am really excited to share the tutorial of my new TECS DT project with you all. I wanted to thanks TECS team for their amazing products and quality. You can not stop yourself being creative when you have such amazing quality products in your hands.In this blog, I am going to share the tutorial of Royal Lady Treasure Box. Let's start the tutorial with the list of the material we need for this project. Here is the list-

Resin embellishments
Ball chain
Black oil color

To start the project first I remove the lock and hinges from the box. then I had stick the ball chain on the borders of the box and paint the box with light grey color. For light grey color i have mixed AnRa crafts pale azure and white color together. AnRa Crafts chalk colors are very smooth, just one coat is enough to give the perfect surface. 

 I also colored my resin embellishments in grey color.

I have used beautiful AnRa Crafts " I Love Paris " decoupage paper for this project. I had stick the paper on the all four sides and inside of the lower part of the box . I had cut the lady face for the upper part of the box. When the resin pieces got dry then i arranged them on the box and stick them . When the color got dry then i gave a coat of varnish on the box. 

 To highlight my resin decoration I have used black oil color. I paint the embellishments with black oil color and then i rub them with the wet tissue to clean the extra color . I did the same process with all the resin embellishments. 

Then I decorated the front part with pearls and highlight the surface and all the resin parts with AnRa Crafts frost silver chalk paint. For inside i did stamping on the four corners of the box and stick a decoration peice in the middle. Now its time to add the lock and hinges back. And then Igave some final touches with silver color to complete the box. Hope, you all will like the project.

    Please feel free to message me if you have any queries. All suggestions and comments are welcome. Happy Crafting to all of you :)

A Family Tale--A Family Album

Hello everyone one puja scrapbooking here., today i am here to share my first  DT project by THE ELEMENT CRAFT STUDIO.

          So today am sharing the wonderful collection of beautiful paper pad "A FAMILY TALE"    THE HUT ALBUM... This paper-pack has  shown beautiful moments  between family. So then i thought to give it a shape of hut album. This album has 4 pages  with 8 sides. The very first pages  is about the  unconditional love sharing between the "FATHER AND THE DAUGHTER".  that is priceless the beautiful never ending love... I have made pockets and envelopes to store the pictures of father and daughter  and also decorated with Embellishments and laces.

 The side page is about Sisters and their eternal bonding....

The second page is about "MOM" in which the little girl share good time with her mom  this part i have decorated with flowers and die-cuts and many flip - flops.

The third page is about her " BROTHER" no less than a best friend... With whom she is sharing all giggles and smile.. I have created waterfall and  open flips  with die-cuts and flowers.

And the forth page is about
" THE FAMILY PICTURE"  where one can post  more memories there.

 The outer  parts of hut album is MDF  parts which made me easy to give it a shape  with proper finishing.

The album with mdf base is long lasting and worth to buy.

Thank you soooo much TECS for giving such bful products the makes easy for every crafters and also give them a proper look. There is soooo much to learn from you.

Now a little about "The Element Craft Studio", they have a wonderful collection of MDF bases like every kind of boxes, trays, baskets, office table stationary stand stuff, home decor items, intricate decor pieces, wooden chipsters, embellishments, sentiments, miniatures stuff for doll houses or shadow boxes and beautiful scrapbook pattern paper, card stock and lot more. For their whole range of products do visit their website link:-

Material Used from TECS---

Base of Album
A Family Tale Paper Pack
Die Cuts
Miniature chair table
Wooden embellishments

Happy crafting.

Moroccan Style Boxes

Hello Crafty Friends,

Semonti here again on TECS blog for share my DT inspiration post. We all need different types of storage in our everyday life. Properly organized things make our life easy.

TECS has huge range of various types’ organizer storage on their MDF range. Today I have made a beautiful small tray with two nesting box. Here is my project.

Materials used from the store:

Step by step procedure:
1. First I have applied texture paste with border stencil on four sides of the tray and let it dry. Then apply white gesso all over the tray and inside of the two boxes and the two lids. 

2. Choose two colors for inside the tray and boxes and lids(Tanned Tone and Rustic Bronze) and two colors for outside of the tray(Aqua Green and Patina)


3. Highlighted stenciling designs with Bronze paint.


4. Now decoupage two boxes. I have chosen Moroccan theme 2 different design papers for each box. Cut the papers according to box size and decoupage it with Mod Podge matte. 


5. After dry the glue I want to create a royal look on my project. For that I use gold foil randomly on two sides of the boxes and gold wax on stenciling area of tray and edges of two boxes, lids. 


6. I want matte look on my project so use matte varnish on it.

7. Lastly add metal corner on tray. Here are some more pictures of my projects.

If you like it, please leave some love.

Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Bottled Memories---Baby Album

Hi All,

This is Rimjhim from The Element Craft Studio. Today I am here with my another project : Baby Album

Here is a glimpse of my Project.

Material used:


Step 1: It's amazing to work on this newly launched baby album. Firstly, I primed the surface with a coat of gesso.

Step 2: Then I applied blue chalk paint to cover my base. After applying the chalk paint, I decoupage "My Naughty Prince" paper pack. The paper pack is just amazing. I am sure you will fall in love with it as I did.

Step 3: After that I started arranging the embellishments, wooden frames, chipboards, flowers according to my plan. 

Step 4: I also used shimmer glitter and stones for decoration.

Tadaaaaa... my baby album is ready.. This album is dedicated to my nephew who just came into our life two months back..

I hope you enjoyed my post. Looking forward for your comments and feedback.


Thursday, 23 May 2019

Sunny Roses on Jar

Hello crafty folks,

I am back again at TECS blog with my other inspirational project, recently TECS launched new Jute flowers. They are just amazing with so bright and fresh colours.

I received a beautiful Acrylic front Jar as my DT kit. I love to alter jars.

The materials used from TECS :
  1. Acrylic front Jar
  1. Rustic gold Decoupage paper 
  1. Juthe flower
  1. Wooden cutouts
  1. Chalk paint
Let's start the procedure to alter a Jar.

First, I gave a coat of chalk paint ( Rustic Russet ) to the entire jar. After that, covered 3 sides of jar and lid of the jar with Decoupage papers ( Rustic Gold ). Cut the papers according to the size of the Jar and glued it with Mod Podge. Added texture with modeling paste and color .

Second Step is to gather all embellishments to decor the Jar. I used TECS

different wooden cutouts. Arrange them roughly first and after that glued them with a hot glue gun. Now I added 3D stickers for more interest. And the step is to add different types of stones to create more depth. It's almost ready now, at the last I stuck Acrylic sheet with hot glue gun in front of the Jar.

It's ready ... Hope you guys love it !!!
Have a good day ...
Thank you,Vidhi Jadeja