Friday, 26 April 2019

Ancient Time Teller

Hi all dear crafty friends, Anika here with an out of the box project for you all---Ancient
time teller...

A very beautiful base designed by our dear TECS team.  TECS team designs always amazed me with their details and inspire to give our best to make the project beautiful. Hope, you all will like the tutorial. So, lets start dears with the list of material that we need to make our project - 

List of material used from TECS---

Victorian Clock Base
Victorian Border Stencil
texture paste 
ball chain
Crackle medium

In this project i did lots of stenciling (my favorite) and coloring. TECS stencils are very easy to use. Their transparency helps you to arrange your stencil in exactly at the place where you want them. 

To start my project i took the front part of the clock and divided that roughly according the stencil designs that I wanted. once i got satisfied with the designs, i did my stenciling with texture paste and paste the ball chain with mod podge around the edges. 

For the middle part , I have used Buddha decoupage paper. The particular sitting posture represents PEACE and Blissful--the house may be blessed with his blessings. 

On the right side of paper ,I have used gloss gel to give some texture effect. for the dial part, i gave crackle effect with barley green chalk paint and pasted ball chain.

After drying the gloss gel completely i gave shading with metallic bronze and red wine color and wiped the extra color with wet tissue.  

For the dial part, I colored the dial cutout with red wine chalk paint.

For the front i colored all with soft sun chalk paint. to prepare the base also, I paste the lace and ball chain around the edges and color all with the same color chalk paint.

After drying the color , I did two coats of varnish on the front part and leave that to dry complete. When the varnish got dry , I applied the red wine color on the stencil parts and wipe the extra color with the wet tissue. I did the same process 2-3 times , until I got the desired results. I gave crackle effect on the top and bottom of the front flap like we have in buddha pic and highlight the stencil work with red wine chalk paint. I have pasted the metal knobs both of the sides.

Now its time to paste all the parts together. I have used wood glue to stick the front and back parts together. I applied wood glue on the sides of the back part and paste the front part very carefully . Align the both parts very properly otherwise it will be difficult to get the parts get fit in the base slot. place the clock machine in the clock and cover that with acrylic glass. i used resin embellishments for the top design to give it vintage look. I applied the primer first and the gave two coats of red wine chalk paint and highlighted the curves with bronze metallic paint. 

   Then i fix the parts in the base slot and gave some final touches with bronze metallic paint to give shine my time teller. 

 Hope, you all will like the tutorial. Please give your valuable reviews and if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Thank you all for reading my tutorial. HAPPY CRAFTING TO ALL MY DEAR FRIENDS.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Fleur Fairy Album

Hi Crafty folks,

This is Anjali,
Creative designer @The Element Craft Studio and today am here with a cute little top box mini album I did using the beautiful fleur fairy papers.

Here are few close ups of the album-

I love all the elements of the paper pack.
I embellished  the album using the element sheet of the paper pack, some mdf frame, mulberry flowers, this beautiful leaf jute twine, metal legs and knob.
I love how this turned out.

Materials used-

- Fleur fairy paper pack
- Fleur fairy element sheet
- leaf jute twine
- mulberry roses
- metal legs
- metal knob 
- white and yellow card-stock for the base 





 Apart from these I used some leaf die cuts, some chipboard to finish the look of the album.

Not to forget I assembled the album using red 12mm tacky tape from the store and for the embellishments I used 3D foam tape, charms and sequins.

I hope you liked the project.
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Share your valuable feedback in the comments section.
Thanks for passing by!!!


Monday, 22 April 2019

Drawers of happiness

Hello crafty souls,
This is DT Semonti on TECS blog. Hope all you have good start of your crafty week. For my today’s project I choose vintage, shabby which is our monthly challenge theme. I love to do vintage projects. Here is my final project pic.

Used materials from the store: 
Step By Step Tutorial:
I got a beautiful chest drawer in my DT kit and I decided to do something vintage with it.

 First I cover all the drawers inside out and the base with white gesso. Then I stenciling with crackle paste on the side of the box and 3 stepped wall.

 For color I choose 2 shades matching with my paper pack and 2 shades of brown. Color the base and all drawers and let it dry.

Then decoupage 3 steps and 2 small drawers, and for the big drawers I create torn and burnt effect with papers. For that I have tear the papers with hand for uneven edges and decoupage it one side of the drawers. Then take deep brown acrylic color and shades between paper and paint portion for torn and burnt old print effects. 

Now apply crackle glaze on all the drawers front. After dry the crackle glaze I have rub deep brown oil paint all over it, wipe excess paint with wet cloth and then magic happen, all cracks appeared.

Distressing all whole base sides with deep brown acrylic paint and highlight the stenciling designs, dry brushing the base side and steppes walls with same brown color. 

Stick two sentiments sticker on two big drawers. Apply 2 coat of varnish all over the base. Now embellished my chest drawers with some miniatures, flowers and wooden sentiments. I cut one of the lady design from the paper pack and stuck it to the back of the vintage frame and place it middle step of my chest . Add a mini Eiffel Tower and some cute mini roses besides the frame. I used a paper doily, cut in half and ink it with brown ink. Placed it beneath the frame for vintage lace effect. Other half of doily I used on next step and put a miniature gramophone some flowers and a mini glass vial fill with glimmer dust.

For top step I took a wooden sentiment cover with same lavender glimmer dust. 

and stick it with some mini roses. Fussy cut some elements and punched butterflies from the paper pack. Stick them on 2 big drawers and here and there. Add metal legs and knockers onto base and drawers. Also add some pink stones for finishing touch. Now finished my project.

Hope, you all liked these drawers of happiness---

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Love Fairy Card

Hi Crafty folks,

This is Anjali, Creative designer@ The Element Craft Studio and today am here with a shabby chic card I made using supplies from the store.

Materials used-

- 250gsm white cardstock for the base
- Fleur fairy paper pack and coordinating cardstock

Some leaves die cuts,water droplets and sequins to finish the embellished card.

I have simply teared the pages to give shabby look and added them using 3D foam tape and also the elements of the paper pack are used with the foam tape.

All the elements are from the store.
I added these small mulberry roses as they go very well with the colours of the card.

I hope you liked the project.
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Thanks for passing by!!!

Anjali Sharma 

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Mood Board Challenge of April

Hi gals, April is here and from this month, TECS is staring it's Mood board Challenges for you all!

Finally the summers are on the board!!! Breeze is having fragrance and splash of are blooming and I feel like enjoying evenings in my balcony with a cup of coffee in between of my musk roses and marigolds...

Let be indulged in this splash of colors, be imaginative and creative and send your refreshing and energizing entries to win goodies bags....We would love to see your creative outcomes...

Guidelines to use the mood boards:

A mood board is a collage of various colors and textures to get inspired and to make your entries by mixing different elements. You can use these colors and textures in any way as per your imagination, just follow the theme properly.

Guidelines to Participate:

The rules to follow is just to use any paper and one more element from The Element Craft Studio and make a project. Then send us beautiful pics of your project with your name to  

It can be a card, envelop, layout, box, canvas, photo frame or whatever you like to choose as base. Use any paper and one other elements such as chalk paint, glitters, wooden cutouts, chipsters, flowers, twines, stencils or any other elements as per your choice.

Now send one or more pics of your project to us and voila!!! You did it!!!

Publish the project on your blog or other social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, twitter with a link to our site and the image of the mood board.

these challenges are a really great way for us to discover new talents and maybe some future Creative Team members.

Three winners will be announced next month's First week. All of the winner will be sent one goodies bag. 

Send pics of your creation by April 30th at the latest.

Check few inspirational posts from our Design Team: