Friday, 29 March 2019

Vintage Heart Easel

Hi buddies, Bindiya here with another put of the box and vintage style project--

What can be more beautiful than an master art-piece with a hanging heart easel to put your memories in form of photo...

In this project I have mixed steampunk style with vintage and shabby look----

"Shabby Steampunk"

Material Used :---

2.Wooden Cutouts
3.Chalk paints :
Rustic russet
Shy olive
Baby pink
Soft sun

4.Crackle medium
6.Art stones (mini n big size) 
7.Dry moss ( brown n green)
9.Candle wax
11. Pearl string

Procedure :---

1. Color the entire with dark grey chalk paint. 

2. For the distress look, rub the candle wax on the  base randomly on the 

3. Let it dry completely.

4. After drying the chalk paints, scrub the area where the wax has been rubbed.

5. Now apply one step crackle medium on the required for the crackle effect on the base and one the heart shape randomly. ( the thicker the crackle medium is applied the bigger cracks you will get and the thinner the medium is applied the smaller cracks you will get) 

6. Once the crackle medium is completed dry apply the baby pink, white gesso and soft sun chalk paints on it.  Once these chalk paints are dried you will see the cracks. 

7. Colors the flourish chippies with shy olive, baby pink and faded teal chalk paints randomly.

8. Color the cycle chippy with soft sun, baby pink, faded teal, rustic russet n gun metal chalk paints randomly. 

9. Color the lamp post chippy with gun metal and shy olive chalk paints. Color the steampunk chippy with white grasp, baby pink and shy olive as required. 

10. Give the distress on the fence chippy as well.

11. Use green glitter on the leaf shape on the flourish chippy and one the lamp post chippy, yellows glitter on the  steampunk wings edges and lavender glitter on the feather chippy. 

12. Stick all the chippies as shown in the tutorial. 

13. Mark the heart shape on the decoupage paper as required and cut it. Stick the decoupage paper on the heart shape with modge podge. 

14. Apply micro art stones on the heart shape frame randomly. Stick pearl string on the edges of the heart shape frame. 

15. Now connect all the pieces of base as shown. Now hang the heart shape with the help of pearl string. 

16. Stick dry moss and big art stones on the base as shown. 

17. After everything is dried apply 2 to 3 coats of varnish on the entire project.

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