Sunday, 10 March 2019

Vintage Key Holder

Hi All, My Name is Rimjhim Garg, DT members of The Element Craft Studio. I am super excited to share my first DT project with all of you.  

First of all, I really want to appreciate The Element Craft Studio for making such wonderful bases. The quality, finishing and material is just too good and you will love working on it.
For my DT project, I chose key holder to work on. As vintage, rustic is my style, I thought of giving this key holder a vintage old look.
Here is my final DT project.
Products used from THE ELEMENT CRAFT STUDIO:
Step 1: Priming the base
As I mentioned before, the quality and finishing of TECS bases are just amazing. Hence, no sanding is required. I started my project with priming the base with a layer of gesso. You can directly start with chalk paints.
Step 2: First layer of chalk paint (Gunmetal)
After I was done with priming, I gave a coat of my first layer of chalk paint i.e Gunmetal. As, I wanted to give a perfect old vintage look, it required various layering of colors.
Step 3: How to get distress look
To get distress look, I rubbed the candle all across the project wherever I wanted to have that look.
Options to get distress look:
Sand Paper

Step 4: Second layer of chalk paint (True Ivory)

After rubbing the candle on the entire project, I decided to give a coat of my second chalk paint, True Ivory. It is more like an off white color, rich in thickness.
Step 5: Distressing
Now comes my favorite part. Distressing…. I used a normal card for scratching the top layer of true ivory. You can also use sandpaper for the same.
Step 6: Decoupage
I used a German decoupage tissue with drawer picture on it. Matching with the requirement of the project.
Removed all the layers of the 3-tier napkin . I decoupaged the tissue using mod-podge.
After that I attached the mdf frame. Colored it with black acrylic and using dry brushing technique, gave a distressed look with true ivory chalk paint.

Step 7: Third Layer of chalk paint (Faded teal)

Although, I got vintage old look, but still I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something more colorful.. Something with pastel shade. As pastels are my favorite.
So, I decided to give another layer of pastel shade. I used faded teal for this which perfectly satisfied my requirement and taste. Before that, repeat step 3 of rubbing candle all across the project.
Please note, you can follow this step before decoupage also.
Step 8: Stenciling
After I was satisfied with the color tone, I decided to give some textures to my project. So I picked up three stencils from the store and used texture paste for stenciling. Crackle stencil was used on the upper portion of the shelf. Victorian calligraphic stencil to create borders and welcome stencil to write WELCOME on the top.

I also created texture on the side of the shelf so as to leave no stone unturned.

Step 9: Dry brush distressing

After creating all the textures and everything, I wanted to give final touch to my project by highlighting those textures.
I used dry brushing technique for this. Make sure your brush is completely dried before using. Chalk paint used for highlighting was GunMetal.

Step 10: Varnishing

Finally I used Aquadur PU varnish from the store to complete my project. Two layers of varnish is perfect for any project.

  And TADAAAAA…. My project is completed….  Here are some pictures of the final project. And I must say, this vintage key holder goes with any background :P:P


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