Sunday, 26 November 2017

How can we make our decoupage food safe?

Hi Dearies, decoupage is the most popular crafting genre these days. I too love decoupage. The beauty of colorful, vintage and theme based papers turn out a boring base into an art piece.

But there are so many doubts and queries about how to use decoupage for the articles which come in food item’s contact directly? As far as I have seen on Facebook, in India there is not much content about crafting techniques to read. I feel a need of it so new comers and beginners can find out how to solve problems, mistakes or faults while they are doing things. 

Basically decoupage is done upon bases like trays, boxes, organizers, frames and other items which do not come in food contact directly. But now plates, glasses, bowls, platters and other food servers are also being done with decoupage.

Now we come to the point of which sealer is food grade to use with platters and servers. Till, you are using these as decor, it’s OK to use any sealer or varnish as top coat. But if you are going to use these items as food serving one, never use any synthetic varnish.

Dishwasher Safe Modpodge you can apply to glass, ceramic, and metal and you'll be able to wash the item in dishwasher or with very mild soap and soft sponge.

But do not apply the design elements where it can be in contact with food or lips. It means you can use it to the back of a glass plate, bowl or 1/4″ down from the edge of a cup or glass. Although it is water based non-toxic medium but it's not FDA approved food-safe.

Moreover, use only cheese, crackers, sweets, dry snacks or other dry servings rather than wet as after a long contact with moisture or heat, any PVA finish will be tacky....

Always let dry your project for 2- 4 hours between coats. Cure your project for 28 days (not less than 28 days).

Now the point is alternatives which we can find easily in our local markets. In India, it is called food grade epoxy coating which you can use to make your decoupage food safe. You can find it in hardware stores too but always check the container if it is mentioned upon it that it is food safe coating.

AUTOMTOIVE SOLUTIONS is an Indian brand and MAX CLEAR GRADE Epoxy Resin System is a good International brand. Many more you can find in your cities like these…

Before applying the seal coat, let’s talk about the artwork you are doing. Some paper’s prints may bleed when a seal coat is applied. So use a coat of pre-sealer with a compatible material such as modpodge.

Epoxy comes as two solutions---one is resin and second is hardener. In a clean bowl, mix one part of resin & one part of hardener as per directions on container. Stir it slowly to achieve a consistent mix. Apply a good coat with brush and let it dry for at least one week.

Never mix large quantity of both solutions at a time and let it set after mixing for the time recommended in manufacturer’s instruction manual before applying on your object.

Epoxies may feel hard within a few hours, but it will take a week or more to cure completely. Do not put or place anything upon it during the curing period or the surface will be permanently dented.

Oh my, such a long piece of facts to read nah? But this is what I have as info to share if it can help you anyhow, and it is always good to consult our respected decoupage masters about the best possible solution.

If you need any other info, or have any query, drop a message here….And let me know......