Tuesday, 27 February 2018

DIY | QUICK CARDS with paper packs

Hello friends,

I am so glad to be on TECS blog today again,I have something so pretty,elegant and nice to show you all .I have made some quick cards with Paper pack from TECS...this paper pack is "Shabby Woods". Let me show you my cards first .

These four cards I actually made in a span of just 20 minutes,I personally feel we do not need any card making skills when we have beautiful paper packs from TECS. The patterns speak it all.
Below is the picture of paper pack used,THE JUNK DRAWER is the paper pack brand from TECS.

Now let me show you each card separately and closely. 

Each card looked complete and beautiful at the same time.I also have a video where I have explained the making of these cards.Do watch and leave love. Pls put your queries in comments section,Will answer asap.

These paper packs are available at the given link

Here is the video


Enjoy and keep crafting!!