Saturday, 24 February 2018

Magazine Holder - Layered Decoupage Technique

Hello My Crafty Friends.......

This is Arpita here today,I want to share with u all a very easy and a fun project today.I was planning to do this technique for a while now and when i saw the raw base of this magazine holder,I knew this is what I wanted to do,so here it is.... layered decoupage technique on this beautiful magazine holder.Let me share some pictures and simultaneously share the steps on how I did.  


    Steps :
1. Prepare your base by sanding to get a smooth surface.

2. I painted the inside with a color coordinating to my tisssue.I prefer to do my paintings first so i dont have to worry of getting any paint on my work.

3. Next I covered the base with decoupaging some magazine sheets.

4.Choose a tissue you want to use, cut out the pattern from the tissue with wetting your brush a little,that way its easy to tear the tissue.

5 Once you have your tissue pattern.decoupage the tissue on to surface you have prepared.The script is see through the tissue print and its creates a very interesting look to your project..

6.Apply a coat of mod podge to seal your project and then give it a coat of varnish to protect your             work. Remember to give a gap of atleast 1-2 hours between each coat.

7. To add some interest and make it fun, I stuck a hand written sentiment and added a few embellishments.

     Now lets take a look at the completed project...

Material used :
Magazine Holder - The Element Craft Studio
Rest of the embelishments  like the charms,flowers and scallop mdf cut out for the sentiment is from my stash

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see you soon with another interesting project,till then.....