Friday, 16 March 2018

Altered Book Style box+ Accordion mini Journal

Hello My Crafty Friends.........

It's me Arpita again on the blog today.Today I am sharing a cute little project,actually there is 2 projects in 1 today.A altered book style box and a accordion style mini journal/album,yes tried making a little accordion style mini journal book/album.Album making is very new to me and its my first,enjoyed making it.

Will share a written tutorial with you at the end of the pictures.Hope you enjoy the projects.....

Tutorial for the altered box

1.First started with the binding part,wanted to give it a faux leather look..for that i first tore a tissue into small bits and started to adhere them randomly on to the surface,did two layers of the same process as only one layer had not given as much texture I wanted.

2.To paint this I tried to take the colors complementing the color of the paper i was using.i choose sap green,yellow ochre,pink and brown.I diluted these paints with water and started applying them each color at a time and letting them dry between each coat.painted till i was satisfied with the color.

3.Wanted the side to look like pages,so i painted the base with brown once dried added a thick coat of gesso and as it was still wet took a comb to draw lines through it.

4.Now stuck the pattern paper,embelished them and I was done with the book box.And yes don't forget to varnish the inside of the box once u have painted it.

Tutorial for Accordin style mini journal/album

Before starting with the steps I want to say I have not used any score board or trimmers .all papers are cut by scissors,a normal blade.So if you are thinking you need to have all the tools to do this,no u don't.

1.As I wanted this to fit in my book box,took measurements suiting the box.
2.The album measures 4'' * 3''. Fistly i cut a white cardstock 9'' * 4'' strip,cut 3 strips with the same measurement.
3.At every 3'' made a fold for all the 3 strips and stuck them together.the last fold of the first strip overlaps the 1st fold of the 2nd strip.
4.Cut the pattern papers a quater inch smaller and stuck them on the raw album base.Also added some corner inserts and pockets.
5.Added a long piece of lace trim on the top which acts as a closure and i wa done.

Materials used :
 MDF Book Style Box , Pattern Paper .Chipboard Embellishment used inside of the box all from The Element Craft Studio
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see you soon with another interesting project,till then



  1. Really love the page look given on the box and ur idea of doing it

  2. its juts look like a real look on this box is pretty good & yes once again easy & lovely tutorials

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  4. Happy to know that it can be done without expensive tools.

  5. Thanks for the tip that we don't need any extra tools to make it .
    Amazing project

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